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Jennifer Lawrence | Dior


Jennifer Lawrence | Dior

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New hi-res stills from Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie.

See them at original resolution size and more here

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For my Intro to Creative Writing Class, I actually wrote an essay on this for my creative nonfiction final

Can’t believe I’m sharing an excerpt of it, but here it goes

               I had to force myself to bite my tongue and keep my composure. Growing up, I never sat in my room believing that a prince would slay a dragon for me, or come knocking on my door asking me to try on a glass slipper, or wake me up with true loves kiss and take me to his castle on the clouds. I grew up believing that inside a beast can be a prince. I grew up believing that heroes aren’t measured by the size of strength, but by the strength of the heart. I grew up believing that no matter where I go, the people I love with always be with me. I have grown up. I just never stopped believing.

                 It’s hard to be a cynic when I’ve been raised on Happily Ever Afters.

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